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2022 – The Year of Opportunity

As we near the end of 2021, a time when many of us will reflect on another challenging year, we would like to share a message of hope and positivity for 2022.

The UK economy is in good shape.  Despite the doom and gloom in the news, there are many positive signs, including:

  • We have the world’s 5th largest economy.
  • We are the world’s 8th largest manufacturer; and
  • We are the 15th largest exporter. 

These numbers were shared by renowned business commentator Justin Urquhart Stewart last month at the UK200Group annual conference. Justin shared his outlook for the UK in 2022 and beyond.  He stated that the economy, whilst growing, will stutter but that the recovery is already happening, driven by many factors, including the innovation being shown by UK businesses. And whilst the county has much debt, we also have significant stored wealth.

What does this all mean? It means that there is lots to be positive about.  Yes, we remain in uncertain times, but the underlying message is that we came into this tough period in reasonable shape and that this will stand us in good stead.

We mentioned earlier the UK200Group conference.  The UK200Group is a professional association of chartered accountancy and law firms across the UK.  We are a member firm.

By being a member of the UK200Group we are in effect both the 10th largest accountancy firm and the 29th largest law firm in the UK based on our combined turnover. We benefit from being part of such a large group, both in terms of the connections we have and also the knowledge and experience we can draw on, including some genuine sector specialisms. We are however still your local accountancy firm, in Manchester working closely with clients and trusted advisers in the region.

In short, we are large enough to have the expertise and to be well connected, whilst also being small enough to care.

All of which means that you are in safe hands.  We will continue to keep abreast of developments and ensure that you benefit from our knowledge, insights and know-how.

We have a positive outlook for 2022 and look forward to working with you to help you face and succeed in the year ahead.

And finally, we would like to take this opportunity to wish you a wonderful festive season, Happy New Year and we hope you get some much-needed time with your loved ones over this period

We look forward to supporting you in 2022 and beyond.

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