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Should I get a company car and if so, which one? (Sam Bacall)

This is a common question we are asked and there are generally two arrangements to consider here. The first being a car provided by the company to an employee or director and the alternative being a car allowance. Note: this post assumes that there is some personal use, rather than a car being used purely…Read More

Don’t let Personal Tax be Taxing – (Emma Reid)

The government has made personal tax very straightforward for the majority of individuals by deducting tax, via payroll, every pay period through Pay As You Earn (PAYE). However, if you start your own business or have earnings from other sources, it is helpful to get to grips with personal tax. This article aims to demystify…Read More

Working from home relief – (Emma Reid)

What is working from home relief? If you have been working from home on a regular basis, due to the Covid-19 restrictions, you may be entitled to a small amount of relief for the additional household costs. Additional costs, according to HMRC, include expenses such as heating, metered water bills, home insurance, business calls or…Read More

Cycle to Work Scheme – (Emma Reid)

As Covid restrictions lift and the weather improves, now is a perfect time to consider introducing a government supported Cycle to Work Scheme. This scheme allows both the employer and the employee to save money. The loan scheme allows the cost of the bike to be spread over 12 months for the employee and the…Read More

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