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Management buyouts – An alternative approach to exit and succession

When developing your business exit and succession strategy, you must consider all possible avenues, including those which might not seem so obvious. A management buyout (MBO) is one such approach that has gained traction for its flexibility and the ability to leave your business knowing that an experienced team is in place to run it.…Read More

What the summer may mean for your business

Whether the hot weather lasts or not, summer is here to stay, bringing with it seasonal challenges and opportunities for business owners. You may think summer is business as usual, but many companies face disruption and delays due to: How deeply these issues or others impact your business depends on a number of factors, including:…Read More

Total Income Tax and NI income hits new high

HM Treasury has taken £77.2 billion in Income Tax and National Insurance (NI) since April 2024 – signalling the effect of the freeze in the Personal Allowance and Income Tax bands and thresholds. Taxpayers have seen two landmark cuts to employee NI payments, falling from 12 per cent to 10 per cent after the 2023…Read More

Invoice fraud becoming a significant problem 

Invoice fraud, affecting one in three companies, involves deceptive practices that trick businesses into making payments to fraudulent accounts. As fraudsters’ techniques become more sophisticated, businesses must understand their tactics and the potential impact on operations. Here are some common techniques used by fraudsters:  While these may seem fairly simple tricks, they are often elaborate…Read More

Taxes on the rise: A certainty, not a possibility 

The new UK Government has been formed. Despite the Labour Party’s campaign and pledges around keeping tax rises to a minimum, expert opinion suggests that future rises are inevitable. The inevitability of higher taxes  For the foreseeable future, the freeze on most tax thresholds is likely to remain in place. The thresholds’ freeze means that…Read More

Inside the private equity boom 

Private equity investment has been a significant force in the financial world for some time.   However, the nature of private equity has changed considerably in the last few years and it’s worth knowing how this may affect your business.  Background                              Traditionally, private equity involved investment firms raising funds from investors to acquire stakes in companies.  …Read More

Potential tax increases and their impact on businesses

In recent reports, former Prime Minister Sir Tony Blair has forecasted potential tax increases that could have an impact on businesses across the UK. The Tony Blair Institute’s chief economist predicts taxes may need to rise by 1.9 percentage points of GDP by the end of this Parliament to stabilise debt, potentially equating to over…Read More

Labour’s election win – Understanding its impact on your finances

As the sun rose on Friday morning, Labour began its celebration of a significant victory, claiming a majority that fell short of its last landslide success in 1997.  With a manifesto focused on change, its proposals for the next five years of Parliament are far-reaching, but not revolutionary.  Now in power, it is important to…Read More

Strike the right balance between AI and human efforts

We can all agree that with the advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) – whether we want it to or not – traditional business practices are rapidly evolving. AI is providing solutions to transform processes and conduct the repetitive tasks that would usually take a fair bit of time out of our daily routine without its…Read More

Employee share schemes: Retaining and rewarding through tax-advantaged plans

Employee share schemes have become increasingly popular over the last few years, particularly with start-ups, scale-ups and tech companies. They are widely recognised as effective tools to attract, retain and motivate your employees. The schemes available provide opportunities to give their employees a stake in the company, making them feel as though they own a…Read More

The complexities of property tax – what you need to know

Property tax isn’t just a numbers game—it’s a crucial part of owning real estate. Whether you’re managing rental properties or building your investment portfolio, understanding the ins and outs of property tax is essential. Selling your property business? – Here’s what you need to know about Capital Gains Tax Capital Gains Tax (CGT) is the…Read More

Protect your business against deepfake fraud scams

Deepfake technology has made significant advancements thanks to the progress in artificial intelligence (AI), enabling scammers to replicate a person’s appearance and mimic their voice in mere minutes or even seconds of video footage. This deceptive technology can have disastrous repercussions from financial loss to reputational damage. Earlier this year, we saw the engineering giant…Read More

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