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Coronavirus Update – Business Support 25/01/2021

In our Update of 6th January 2021, we alerted you to the on-off grant payments announced that day  – now known as Closed Business Lockdown Payment ( CBLP). At the time it was described as a  grant for closed businesses in the retail, leisure and hospitality sectors. In the most recent Government guidance, that criteria has a changed description to being ‘unable to provide in-person customer services from its premises’.
In addition, the most recent Government guidance  makes clear that similarly eligible businesses may be  entitled to the Local Support Grant ( Closed) Addendum ( LRSG(Closed)Addendum) in addition to the CBLP.
Both these Schemes are managed by local councils.
Another Government recent guidance reminds that the Local Restrictions Support Grant for Open Businesses ( LRSG(Open)) in respect of businesses who have been in tier 2 or 3 local restrictions since 1st August 2020 , severely impacted, but not closed, is still running. This Scheme is at the discretion of, and managed by, local councils.
Here are the links to the Government’s guidance:
CBLP – Click Here
LRSG Closed – Click Here  

LRSG Open – Click Here

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